COVID 19 Support

Golden Butterflies

GB Nutri-Bowl

We were glad to support child-patients families with groceries and nutritious food. Families of many of our patients, being daily wage earners or from out-of-city/state, can no longer go out to work, and consequently cannot afford living expenses. Child-patients’ growing bodies need additional nutrients to cope with the medications, and absence of basic nutrition and hygiene also threatens the safely of the already-immunocompromised child. While we provided nutritional support in the form of groceries and hygiene kits to some impoverished child-patients and their families.

Golden Butterflies

GB Shuttle

The strict lockdown imposed across India since March 2020 has made access to scheduled treatment difficult for our child-patients, and transportation to get there (in absence of public transport) scarce and expensive. Adhering to the prescribed time schedule for cancer treatment is critical, as delays can cause the cancer cells to regrow and become incurable, rendering further treatment ineffective and endangering the lives of our child-patients. We provide child-patient families transportation from place of residence to respective hospital for treatment.

Golden Butterflies

GB Magic Envelope

The COVID -19 curfew did not hold us back for long – our efforts thrived through Magic Envelope, which is mailed to our children once a month.

It is an eagerly awaited, well-received A4-size treasure, which includes some craft activity (along with all the required raw materials and pictorial instruction sheet), colouring sheets, and a tiny gift.

Lavanya, GB Trustee and ABT practioner, and the volunteers (WINGS) enjoy curating this envelope every month. They explore various art and craft forms as a group, to come up with new and exciting ideas that can be adapted to fit in this mailer.