March 2022

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


Skill training for Caregivers - Bangle making by GB Interns - Swetha & Jenita, 2nd year - MSW, MSSW College.

Our caregivers enjoyed rolling up the silk thread to see the beautiful handmade Bangle.

Guided & Headed by Nikitha, GB Staff

Venue: Institute of Child Health & Hospital for Children, Egmore

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


GB Trustees – Ms. Stella Matthew, Dr. Hemal Kanvinde & Ms. Lavanya Krishnakumar and GB Staff – Ms. Ramalakshmi attended one day interactive session on "Palliative Care - Learning from each other" organised by Sanjeevan - Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry.

The topics of discussion were - Regular Training programs for capacity building, - Working with multiple Palliative care initiative, - Volunteers in Palliative Care, - Health Care Professionals as volunteers and fund raising.

Golden Butterflies spoke about initiating a stand-alone Paediatric Palliative Care service.

The members of the panel were IPM team, Dean Foundation and Sathya Special School. Dr. Suresh Kumar chaired the discussion.

Venue: Sanjeevan - Sri Aurobindo Society Board Room, Puducherry.

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai



We planned our Day 4 to be exciting, interesting, and safe for all the participants (our precious children and their families). Every aspect of their care and well-being was thoughtfully considered and taken care of – duties were listed and divided amongst the group. We were as excited to organise that extra-special day as we were in learning, the previous days.

As our invites trickled in, earlier than scheduled, we donned colourful clown rugs and welcomed them with a resounding ovation, walking them through our arm-made arches, arresting each one gently and warmly in a Butterfly embrace.

We opened with the Celebration Circle just as we had, a couple of days earlier - “Yaru nee?” (“Who are you?”) was the ice breaking activity. We divided the group into two – 1. Child patients & siblings for the Carnival Fun(Twister, Bracelet making, Colouring the Artwork, Blow the Balloon & hold the cup, ball& cup, Hoopla, Memory Game,& Puzzles)and 2. Caregivers, who had a separate activity.

Children circulated freely between the various carnival stalls (tables) trying their hand at the games as many times as they wished. They were so engrossed in play that they even let their parents free to play outside!!

Under the shade of a tree, the second group, Caregivers, enjoyed the Tyre Activity. It was heart-warming to see them laugh, talk, and exchange ideas about how to go about the activity…enjoying themselves even more than their kids, just a few metres away.

Lunch was sumptuous and “A1!!”, to quote our kids.


Enter Mr. Peacock!

6 groups were greeted by a very colourful peacock (not a peahen!), who bore 6 eggs, one for each group. He daintily popped one out in the centre of the circle formed by each group. Now each group had to protect the egg given to them – even dropping it from a tall building should not harm it, they were told.

The teams bandaged the eggs in layers upon layers of paper, held by tape. Suddenly, group of hunters stolen all the eggs from the group... and ran away to terrace to throw all the eggs down.

Thanks to brilliant thinking by Caregivers & Child patients, the eggs landed safely…. with balloons. The peacock was thrilled and our children, delighted!! *CAMP IS FUN* concluded with our child-patients & their families going home with a gift hamper of Toy - Puzzles, Board games & Horlicks from Inner wheel Club of Galaxy. Thank you so much, Ms. Aakila, President & Ms. Subhashree, Secretary from Inner wheel Club of Galaxy for sponsoring the hampers.

Venue: Prem Vihar, Lady Andal School

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai

23.03.2022 – 25.03.2022

Golden Butterflies and YRG Care rolled up their sleeves and got to work together on yet another super-fun project…

CAMP RAINBOW, a 3-day, activity-based, fun-filled learning workshop, followed by a 1 day-long camp for our child-patients and their families.

It was a special edition – only for GB and YRG Interns, WINGS, Staffs & Trustees.

The Theme: Psychosocial Programs to help children with serious, chronic and/or life-altering illness.

Day 1 - Love The day started with a beautiful Celebration Circle, declaring our goals and values as facilitators of Camp Rainbow, and getting to know our fellow leaders.

Day 2 - Respect An in-depth examination of the role of the caring adult relationship, B.E.S.T (Behaviour, Empowering, Support, Techniques) and Describe, Label & Praise (DLP)

Day 3 - Safety We learnt about Comfort, Stretch and Panic Zones and mandatory rules regarding safety (good & bad touch) and some basic policies and procedures.

And we planned for our Day 4 - CAMP IS FUN

Venue: Prem Vihar, Lady Andal School

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


GB Brick By Brick

Awareness session on Pediatric Palliative Care for Social Work Students of Mar Gregorious college.

- Dr. Shafikaa Banoo - Palliative Care Physician, Apollo Hospital. She gave a talk on PPC and role of social workers in PPC.

- Ms. Ramalakshmi - Project Manager, GB spoke about need of compassion in PPC and explained it through an activity.

60+ students actively participated and benefitted from the session.

We thank Mar Gregorious college for arranging this wonderful session.

Venue: Mar Gregorious College, Mogappair

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


Pallium India team

- Ms Shalini Arora Joseph, Head State Facilitation Division &

- Mr Vishnu P R, Regional Coordinator, South India visited our office yesterday to know about Golden Butterflies work and activities.

Their focus on this visit was to Empanel Partners for their Hands-on Palliative Care Training Program. To also be GB's ambassadors in supporting Pediatric Palliative Care.

Venue: GB Office, C/O Ambal Corporation

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


GB Brick-By-Brick - Grooming & Growing–‘Funtastic Fridays’

We had our teaser session of the new group learning series ‘Funtastic Fridays’ with all the GB staff and Ms. Lavanya, GB Trustee and ABT Practitioner.

The Icebreaker generated a lot of free ‘public awareness’ as GB staff spilled over to the street, asking permission to pluck leaves from neighbours’ plants.

The Project: An A4 sheet, a bottle of black ink, rationed out carefully, in non-absorbent paper plates – some twigs, leaves and stones.

The “Directions”: It seemed like Lavanya Ma’am had left that paper at home – she encouraged the group to ‘make impressions’ on the paper with whatever they had…including fingers and toes!

Delighted to be ‘let lose’, the team had a field day – while some were very careful about what impressions they wanted to make, others awoke their inner child and smudged away!

Then, together, we tore some and glued some – to make a little junk journal with pockets (one person wished it were a wallet that she could fill with currency – such was the optimism!!)

Each one decorated and finished their book according to whatever motivated and inspired them – simple, everyday materials and lots of creativity at work!

We had lots of fun, focussed on the ‘here and now’ – a different kind of meditative experience.

We wonder what’s in store for us next month, Lavanya Ma’am…. Already counting the day

Venue: GB Office, C/O Ambal Corporation Hospital

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


Mr. Amit from Cipla Foundation visited us & had a group discussion with Home Care Team about our learnings & challenges.

Venue: GB Office C/O Ambal Corporation Hosp

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


Our Managing Trustee, Stella Matthew invited as a Chief Guest for the inauguration of BSW Students Forum - Vidiyal on the occasion of International Women's Day. She gave a talk on "The role of youth in women Empowerment".

Venue: Madras School of Social Work

February 2022

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


GB Brick by Brick - Awareness program - Mrs. Ramalakshmi, GB Project Manager gave a talk on Compassion for the Community Children of The New LEED Trust.

Prayer bead wishes, Compassion and Aspiration Expressive Visual Art Activity by Ms. Lavanya, ABT Practitioner. The children enjoyed the activity.

Venue: The New LEED Trust, Perungudi

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


Every February 15, the global childhood cancer community celebrates International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD), in a collaborative campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer and to express support for children and adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

GB conducted an awareness program & Art & Recreational activities in partnership with Shelter Homes.

Dr. Sabita Ninan gave a talk on "Childhood Cancer is curable"

Trustee Lavanya did a Music activity with child patients & caregivers. They engaged & enjoyed the sounds from musical instruments.

Shelter home volunteers did a puppetry show on the theme of being happy. Child patients enjoyed seeing the puppetry with lots of laugher.

We distributed a Musical Instruments for the session - Drum & Rattle which was later given to the Child patients, Stainless Steel Milk Vessels and Refreshments for Caregivers sponsored by Shelter Homes.

We thank our Golden WINGS Sunitha & Jyothi for their support in the program.

Venue: Institute of Child Health & Hospital for Children, Egmore

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


GB Bandwagon - Art & Recreational activities conducted with 17 Child patients & their Siblings.

Ms. Lakshmi Shivaram, Golden WINGS trained the GB staff on the creative thinking and how to make the best use of things around us.

The children had an awesome time designing their own pen stands with Hema & Shilpa facilitating the activity. David worked with kids who were interested in the busyeee board.

All the Children just enjoyed the activity & took back their beautiful pen stands. It was so colorful. Caregivers felt very happy seeing their children being productive & creative in Golden Butterflies Office.

The children were given snacks, drinks and a toy each.

Venue: GB Office, C/O Ambal Corporation Hospital.

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


11th Caregivers Connect program was conducted for 18+ participants. The topic was "Caregivers Relationship with Child-Patients" Resourse person Mr. Satish, Camp Director, Training Manager - YRG Care, Chennai.

The session started with an activity to identify the caregivers positives & negatives. This helped them understand themselves better

The session was intense with each sharing circumstances regarding negative reaction from relatives, public or the community. Mr. Satish demonstrated to them how to build a positive attitude over the negative. He helped them to build a strong relationship with their children being positive caregivers/parents.

Mind Game - "Connexion" was played to relax them . The caregivers enjoyed finding out the answer from pictures.

An Aid kit was given to each family containing sanitizers &1litre flask which is an all time need for them.

Venue: GB Office, C/O Ambal Corporation Hospital.

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


4 years old and now standing with all the support rendered by our stake holders, family & friends.

GOLDEN BUTTERFLIES CHILDREN'S PALLIATIVE CARE FOUNDATION is happy in moving forward with our mission to support more child patients and their families.

Our 4th Anniversary program was celebrated by thanking our donors and wellwishers with a memento each. The main dignataries Dr. M.C. Vasudevan, Neurosurgeon, Voluntary Health Service, Taramani, GB Patron - Mr. Santhanakrishnan, Founder & Chairman, PKF Sridhar & Santhanam LLP & Dr. Shafika Banoo, MD, Palliative Medicine spoke at the program with encouraging words and pledged their continued support to Golden Butterflies.

The program ended with some light music by Bharath Damodharan & Sanjana the group from "Unplugged Session". 60+ people participated in the elegant function which had a floral theme.

We thank Prema Vihar management for giving their hall space free for our program.

Venue: Prem Vihar Hall, Lady Andal School. Chennai

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


Head Mistress Uma of Anjugam Primary School scripted and conceptualized a book in Tamil to help children from std 1to 5 to learn Tamil and English in 80 days.

This book was launched by Ms. Stella Matthew, Managing Trustee, Ms. Aruna, Golden WINGS - Golden Butterflies, Ms. Shankari - School Advisor and Ms Uma.

Because of COVID 19 Pandemic, children lost their touch with regular education. This Tamil book will help the teachers to teach the children the basis of tamil & to build a strong foundation for them. The book has 80days worksheet which will help them to study little by little daily.

This book will be used by Golden Butterflies in their non formal education to help the sick children in hospital to read and write Tamil easily. It's a very thoughtfully prepared book.

Golden Butterflies are really proud to support the Head Mistress Uma for the publication of this book. We are grateful to Dr. Priya George Associate Prof - Social Work Dept, Stella Maris College for connecting us.

Venue: Anjugam Primary School,Choolaimedu, Chennai

January 2022

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


GB Bandwagon - Art & Recreational activity was conducted by GB Staff in Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital.

The session started with an Ice breaking activity... A song on hygiene.

We gave them baskets and got the children to get creative on the baskets with the accessories that we provided like satin ribbons, wool, googly eyes, feathers & stones. It was lovely to watch them being so engrossed in the activity.

16 child patients participated. The finale was watching them complete the activity and then give us their feedback of picking up a smiley that suited the way they felt doing the activity and dropping it into the ballot box followed by RINGING the BELL of happiness then waiting excitedly to get their stars stickers on their hands. It's pure joy seeing the smiles on their faces.

They took back a little hamper with the raw materials of the activity & DIY sets as gifts.

Disclaimer: Informed Consent of parents, children & caregivers were taken.

Venue: Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Nungabakkam

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


GB Bandwagon - Art & Recreational activity was conducted by GB Interns. The session started with Ice breaking action song on importance of hygiene and why & how hands needs to washed.

The art activity was done with background music to create a positive and lively atmosphere in the hospital ward. The child patients were taught to create attractive baskets with wool and satin ribbons. Cups were provided to the children and allowed each to be creative.

15 child patients enjoyed the activity joined by their Caregivers. They took back a happy hamper containing toys and snacks.

Headed & Guided by Rama, GB Staff

Venue: Institute of Child Health, Hospital for Children

Disclaimer: Informed Consent of parents, children & caregivers were taken.

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


Online meeting with CIPLA Foundation on the importance of Art for Caregivers & Siblings

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


GB Bandwagon – Non formal Education - All about Today about days, months & seasons was conducted by GB Interns.

15 child patients enjoyed the activity and had lots of fun in learning.

The Board was hand made by David Davey, GB Trainee

Venue: Institute of Child Health, Hospital for Children, Egmore

Golden Butterflies Childrens Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF) Chennai


"Sometimes superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles"

Golden Butterflies Children's Palliative Care Foundation provides palliative care & support for children with Chronic, advanced or life limiting disease.

GB (Golden Butterflies) soft launched our Peadiatric Supportive (Home) Care called "GB - Right Where You Are" on 4th Jan 2022.

GB also provides emotional support, encourages a child to feel normal with Art activities & Non formal education. Counseling is given where and when necessary to the children and their families. Groceries, Nutritional & Sanitary kits are provided where needed.


What is supportive care?

It's a Holistic approach where the child patient and the caregivers or members of the family are provided total care ...when they are home in between their treatments. We @ Golden Butterflies are a bridge between the doctor and the patients along with a multi-disciplinary team visiting their homes or wherever they are to make sure the child is taking the medications in time, following the doctors advice, having good nutritious food then including some intellectual & fun activities for the child patients as every child needs to feel normal, the siblings are not forgotten or left behind and we make sure we are there for them too. We help them understand what their brother or sister is going through and help them get connected with the family to be part of the treatment. Supporting the WHOLE FAMILY.

The mobile unit was donated by Chennai Wiilingdon Corporate Foundation and the project is in partnership with CIPLA Foundation.